Prayer is an act of talking with God. There are many postures one can assume when praying. We are not limited to only kneeling when praying. If it were so praying in the bus would be a little difficult. We can pray in the market place as well as in the office. Whilst walking we can be talking with God. God has not limited us to only one posture in prayer; He has given us the liberty to talk with Him.
Listed below are seven (7) postures of praying:

  1. Standing (Neh. 9:5; Mk. 11:25; Lk. 18:13) 
  2. With hands uplifted (2 Chro. 6:12-40; Ps. 63:4; 1 Tim 2:8)
  3. Walking (2 Kings 4:35)
  4. Sitting (1 Chro. 17:16-27)
  5. Kneeling (1 Kings 8:54; Ezra 9:5; Lk. 22:41; Acts 9:40, Eph. 3:14)   
  6.  Bowing (Exod. 34:8; Neh. 8:6; Ps. 72:11) 
  7. Prostrating (Josh. 7:6; Ezra 10:1; Matt. 26:39; Mk. 14:35)

 BONUS: Pray without ceasing at all places employing all postures. The ability of God to here does not depend on your posture; He can hear when you sit, bow or stand.


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