The smallest printed Bible known is as long as a match, namely 1.75 inch long, 1.25 inch wide, and 0.8125 inch thick. This tiny book was printed in England and has 878 pages. It also contains many pictures.
With a magnifying glass its letters can easily be read. The Bible weighs about 20 grams.
4 Great Lessons:
There are now many sizes and translations of the Holy Bible.
Do you own a Bible?
If you do, do you study it?
If you study, do you meditate on it?
If you meditate, are you a doer of what it tells you?
1. Own a Bible means you are determined to have fellowship with Word of God – The Word that was with God from the very beginning.
2. Study means you have resolved to submit to the authority of the Word of Life – The Word to whom, by whom and for whom all that has been made has been made.
3. Meditation means you are fully convicted beyond every reasonable doubt to obey the unadulterated Word – The Word which is the life-giving Spirit.
4. A Doer means you are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Thus you are bold to walk in its precepts and statutes, and do whatever it says wholeheartedly. And most importantly to preach and teach it.

Ref. The Smallest Bible, from “A letter for you” ©2009 by GBV
4 Great Lessons by S. E. Entsua-Mensah

Image source, go here


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