John Huss can be called the prophet and reformer, but also the martyr of Bohemia. By his clear testimony, the eyes of thousands were opened as regards false teachings and also as to the finished work of Christ. But this public proclamation of the Gospel did not last long in this country. John Huss was burned at the stake and many Christians were killed. Everywhere there was a search for Bibles in order to have them destroyed.
A woman who loved the Word of God stood in front of her oven and was just about to bake bread when she heard that men of the Inquisition  had entered the village to imprison everyone who was found to possess a Bible.
She quickly took her Bible, wrapped it in a lump of dough and put it into the oven. Then she also placed the other loaves inside.
Not long after, her house was searched, too, from the basement to the attic, but nothing could be found.
When the persecutors left the house, the loaves were baked and also the Bible emerged from the hot oven.
What a surprise! The Bible was unharmed as Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego who were cast into the fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar from which they came out unsinged. The descendants of this fearless woman have kept this Bible as a precious heirloom. The last heir, a farmer by name of Schebold, also a Bohemian by birth, who lived in Ohio, treasured this Bible very much.
Adapted from a tract – A Letter for you. ©2009 by GBV

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