What a solemn evening it was

An evening filled with so much worship

I preached the Word of God with power

I sat in my usual front seat afterwards

I sudden began to freeze in my chair

My body refused to move for a while

Though conscious was I of my surroundings

Suddenly I appeared in an outlandishly vast land

Just land without anything

In a twinkle of an eye thousands of people I saw

It seemed to me like the whole creation

Pretty usually appeared men, thick and tall

They were giants, very great and mighty

Having rods in their hands whipped anyone they met

This was a great tribulation for all

None could go anywhere, for the land was vast and flat

The more they tortured, the more they desired to torture

Unruly evil men, they were

They knew not young, old or old-aged

All they cared about was wickedness

They made tattered the flesh of men

Blood was spilled like milk

Bones were broken crushed

Not long was an outlet opened

Yes, an outlet from the great beneath

As to how it was opened was a mystery

One of the sons of wickedness opened it

From the outlet came worms, big and fat

Carnivorous worms with horns

They devoured all, even to the marrow and joint

They licked deep into the skin

The desire of men was death

Yet death came not unto anyone

But one thing happened so strange

Only one of the sons of wickedness was devoured

All the others were intact and unharmed

Cries and wailing were as unto music

The agony was too unbearable

The pain was weightier than any in ages past

A door of a mountain was opened

Molten magma flowed forth forcibly

And covered the whole ground

How terrible this was?

No one could escape

Bodies of mortals were being roasted

These creatures were commissioned by Wickedness

Their motives were only evil

Again only one of them was roasted

The rest were unharmed

The crave for death was much longed for

Yet death was still unavailable

This continued for a while

No helper came from anywhere

That which attended unto all was misery

The misery of plagues

One of the giants opened the gate of a great hill

And lo, a swarm of insects broke forth

Different species of insects

Including locusts, bees, and etc. etc.

They fiercely devoured all peoples they encountered

Horrible, very horrible

No one could identify anyone

Everyone was disfigured beyond recognition

Again only a giant was devoured

The others were untouched

Indeed this was a tribulation

Lasting for about ten decades, did this evil linger

There was neither night nor day

There were no seasons whatsoever

Neither was there sleep nor slumber

These sons of Wickedness did wickedness

Another strange thing I saw

All the evil tormentors climbed on one another

Like unto a ladder

A ladder reaching the skies

The clouds did they roll away

With a shrill noise complied the clouds

Such  might did they exhibit

All looked up startled, though in agony

Then descended some hideous creatures

With appearance like men

But stood on both hands and feet

Like animals, yet like men

They moved by hopping around

Their teeth was that carnivorous

Their claws were like that of a falcon’s

Their faces were brazened

From under their tongues dripped hot acid

They were release to torture men

Their torture tempered deep into the soul

Souls of men were ripped apart

Yet none could die

Some victims of the torment walked on one leg

With half necks, and exposed ribs, and no hands

Some had no stomachs, with brains pouring out

The sockets of others were no more

Very disgusting indeed

Again only one of the evil tyrants was torn apart

By these weird creatures

The remaining others were intact

Several other evils and wickedness did I see

Countless atrocities abounded

Oh, how I wish I can perfectly describe

But these were indescribable

This age in history was distinctively evil

An age of evil

Evil and wickedness prevailed greatly

An awful reign of giants

Calm and reserved in nature

Yet brutal and wicked and malevolent they were

Such as the giants were ordinary men

Men like just all men

Men of repute and noble and gracious

Oh, such evil in our universe today

Suddenly from behind me came a brother

Filled with worship

My heart smote me, and then I returned to myself

And behold I was in the midst of worship

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Published by Samuel Entsua-Mensah

Rev Samuel E. Entsua-Mensah is a young pastor who has deep passion for the truth to save dying souls from the tentacles of sin and deception. He holds a Diploma in Theology and Biblical Studies. He's happily married to Philomina Entsua-Mensah affectionately called Maame Baahwa and they current live in the Netherlands.

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