How you begin your day determines the remarks you will gives yourself when the day is over. This is very important in human life – beginning the day and ending the day. Very often when I speak to people in the evening I ask how the day went for them. Just like it has become a norm to say “I’m fine” when asked “how are you?” most people respond “my day was good” or “it was okay”. Most of the time you realize that they do not know what they are talking about or they aren’t being realistic or they are just not sure about how the day went.

I am going to share with you five (5) things which if you do your day will move according to your expectation. These are things which have been of great help to me. I want you to have very good remarks when your day ends. Here we go; every early morning you should, 

  1. Smile. This first point might seem funny but it works as though you are in a fairy land with the fairy godmother spreading some stars over you. When you smile nature spreads an atmosphere of happiness over you. When you begin anything with happiness everything and everyone become beautiful, and you admire yourself so much so that you wouldn’t want to harbour hurts, bitterness, grudges or offenses. 
  2. Thank God. Gratitude is an excellent attitude which can lift you to a greater altitude if you make it your vesture. I learnt years ago from a booklet, Courtesy for boys and girls, that saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are very important. We have been thought to be grateful because it makes the heart of the giver buoyant, that he/she would be glad to bless you more. If not for anything we should thank God for the gift of life. 
  3. Read at least a verse of scripture. One way to describe a bad family is that the father or mother does not speak with the children or provide for their needs. God has given us His Word – the Bible and filled it with whatever we need for life; blessings, promises, instruction, correction, wealth, power, and etc. [Read 7 Secrets of Quality time (Plus 1 Bonus)] 
  4. Pray. After reading from the Bible prayer must follow. Prayer is speaking with God. So you speak with God concerning everything in your life. You tell Him your intentions and ask Him for His will. You pray also for your family and loved ones, for your school or job. You pray about everything. [Read The Force of Prayer and Dryness] 
  5. Prophesy into your day. This is what I call the miracle of your day. Prophecy involves two major things – fore-telling and forth-telling. You take time to fore-tell (declare) great and might things into your day. It is impossible for those who declare good things into their life to fail. This is because when you declare something constantly it forms part of your mind. If you continue declaring “I’m a success!” you find it very hard to accept failure and defeat. And surely you will not relent till you have succeeded.
Incredible steps! I know. May be you are thinking, “unbelievable! How can these things be?”, but it is alright to think that way. I will just advise you to try it for a month. You will be glad you did. Have a blessed day!

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