The dictionary defines a friend as a person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection. Everyone has friend and everyone most probably needs a friend. A friend is a priceless but very influential gift. A good friend is apparently a good influence whereas a bad friend is the contrary. I personally believe, and I know you believe same too, that everybody wants something or someone good. We all want good things in our lives including friends.

Here are six (6) qualities of a good friend. I believe these will help you to know which friends to really walk with and how to become a good friend yourself. 
  1. A good friend protects your integrity. As far as I know, no one likes “weird journalists” (i.e. gossips) because they will end up disgracing you. A good friend does not gossip about you to anyone because gossip is a tool for destroying integrity. Again a good friend will protect (defend) you when you are topic of discussion somewhere (in an informal friends chat), even if you are guilty. 
  2. A good friend tells you the truth always. I believe everyone enjoys the company of truthful and honest people and not the otherwise. This is a quality that all friends look for before committing themselves. Against all odds, a good friend would tell you the truth in the proper way. Real friends tell you when you are failing, and when you are wrong. They are not “yes people” – always telling you good things when actually you are in error. 
  3. A good friend respects your opinions, choices and judgments. Everyone is intelligent in their own eyes, which is a good thing because feeling inferior has bad consequences. A good friend is one who is interested in your opinions and decisions no matter how “childish” they may seem. 
  4. A good friend shares his/her joys with you and shares your sorrows with you altogether. A good friend is enthusiastic about making you happy, so they share their joyous moments with you. They sometimes share jokes even when they know they are bad at it. Good friends however cry with you when they see you crying. 
  5. A good friend joins you in taking necessary risks. Sometimes we take very necessary risks in life. Risks are important but they become a little easier when someone trustworthy is involved. Had it not been the withdrawal of some friends I believe some risks would have yielded good fruits. 
  6. A good friend is always ready to sacrifice for you. People may be kind to you but real friends are kind even when they do not have sufficient. They are always ready to share no matter how much little they possess. Sometimes good friends even give everything and retain nothing for them, just to make sure you are satisfied.
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