The Church is the household of faith for which all who believe in God through Jesus Christ belong. But God has appointed men to be stewards which has caused many people to think that the church is for a General Overseer or Founder. I am going to share with you some major reasons why some people can leave a church to another or to become unchurched or to another religion.

  1. Some people can leave because of the blessings of the pastor, that is, if the pastor is blessed with wealth (such as car, house). Some people by comparing the state of the church to the pastor can leave the church. 
  2. If the pastor does not minister to their satisfaction. Some people do not want the pastor to rebuke them (not directly mentioning names but stressing on some of the wrongs) during his preaching. 
  3. If the pastor’s integrity is attacked. For instance, if the media (or other people) begin to make allegations against the pastor. This can cause people to leave the church. 
  4. A lot of people can leave the church if the pastor disciplines them. 
  5. Most people will leave the church if the pastor falls. A pastor is one who stands before God for the church, therefore it is wise for church members to stand before God and intercede for their pastor also. Rather than praying for the pastor most people will leave the church. 
  6. People can leave the church if another church member offends them. 
  7. Some people can leave the church if they are financially unstable. It should be the other way around, to go church because of financial problems but most people feel ashamed if they are always unable to support the church financially. 
  8. Some people can leave the church if their breakthrough (blessings or prayer request or miracle) delays. Instead of going to church to be translated by Christ most people go because of material gains. So when their expectations are not met early they can leave the church.

BONUS: The whole issue of becoming committed to church is very crucial and we must give our utmost attention to it. The Church is the Body of Christ for which all who believe are members, therefore it is improper to be discontented about Church, going out and coming in anytime as we want. God wants to nurture us in His home (the Church) for that matter it is expedient to submit every issue of dissatisfaction to Christ. Leaving the Church does not solve the problem because every true church is the same (Body of Christ).

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