I want to share something very important with you to-day. Many people have different definitions for who or what a fool is. But after carefully studying Proverbs for 17 times I have discovered invaluable knowledge which will prune our lives. In fact one of the most dangerous things on earth is a fool. “Let a … More DEALING WITH A FOOL


He suffers in their arms His name has known no peace Not because He is not He, but they comprehended Him not They struggle with their methods They fight with their tools But they always seem to be chasing the wind Alas, he comes He knocks at the door He has to be opened To … More GOD


The dictionary defines a leader as someone who guides or directs others. This is true. Leaders are people who possess certain qualities to direct others to perform a task or accomplish a purpose. Every individual is a leader.  We can lead directly or indirectly. But sometimes people don’t call themselves leaders because they do not … More EVERYONE IS A LEADER