Are you suffering from sickness, barrenness, financial difficulties, academic difficulties? Do you see mountains and storms in your life? Do you want to stop the enemy in your life? Whatever the situation is, speak to it by faith in the name of Jesus. Remember at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow- witchcraft, business setbacks and the knees of occultism shall bow to the name of Jesus.
            Are your kids or children stubborn and you are frustrated? Don’t worry anymore. Begin to speak to that demon of waywardness in your children’s life in Jesus name.
            Are you suffering from traveling disappointments? Speak to it and declare that in Jesus name you are there at where you want to be. The name works! It is a sure weapon of victory.
            I remember once dealing with a demon. He said he wouldn’t leave the lady. I shouted the name of Jesus and he started screaming, “I will go, I will go, I will go.” To the glory of God he couldn’t stay, he left the lady. She was set free!
            Do you want to speak in tongues? Jesus said in His name you shall speak in new tongues. All you have to do is to yield yourself to Him and say to yourself I have the Holy Ghost, I speak in tongues. Then by your faith you open your mouth to speak.

               Jesus said there is power in his name that by the name we can raise the dead. It is the only name when you mention the dead can hear and come back to life. There is power in the name of Jesus!

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 By S. E. Entsua-Mensah. ©2014 Christ for Humanity Outreach 
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