Prayer Marathon is an annual prayer program organized by Cabinet of Zion Global Ministry (where I currently pastor) to engineer a global revival.

Prayer Marathon 2012

Prayer is the communication between man and God through the spirit of man. Mankind ought to pray always (1 Thess. 5:17). Prayer is the term we call the ‘conversation’which occurs between man and his Maker.

Prayer Marathon 2013
Prayer marathon is targeted at assembling saints from various local churches to unite with one voice to call the name of the Lord God of Hosts for the healing of the land (2 Chron. 7:14). It is called a marathon because of the length of prayers with loud cries (Heb. 5:7) and tears that are made to root out and to pull down and to destroy and to throw down and to build and to plant (Jer. 1:12).
The central theme for the Prayer Marathon which remains unchanged every year is “FOR HUMANITY SAKE” with the scripture strength from the entire chapter sixty-two (62) of the book Isaiah. We aim to stand as ‘end-time militant watchmen’ who have deliberately decided to deny ourselves of peace and rest until the will of All-Mighty God is perfected in creation. It is quite obvious that this will be perfectly possible by praying strategically and waging a tactical spiritual warfare.
Prayer Marathon 2014
The mission of the Prayer Marathon resonates with Obadiah 17 which speaks of receiving deliverances and possessing our possessions. During this annual event we trust God to unleash deliverances upon the Church and its missionaries, families, nations and governments, and the entire body of believers. This opportunity given us by God enables us to tarry long before God for His instruction (Isa. 40:31; Acts 13:2).

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