Mother Teresa
Mothers’ Day really makes sense for which reason I have gathered original poems on this blog for citations to appreciate mothers and all who are playing the roles of a mother. I know of some men who play the role of both mom and dad altogether – they deserve our love and appreciation. We ought to be thankful to all

mothers in our lives daily, but, just as I said, it makes a lot of sense to celebrate mothers specially at specific times and make them feel different. I encourage you do something special for your mom – cook for her, take her out, present a citation with any of our beautiful poems, give her a gift and………… sensitively creative.

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author: Emmanuel Grant-Brew (Tema, Ghana)

I know. I get it. Be realistic!
And I also know and get it,
That this world is not a Utopia.
But you made it as close to perfect as it could be.
The break of this dawn put me in a time machine,
Which catapulted me back aeons ago – I perceive.

And what I saw awed me;
The struggles you went through,
Those months you carried me within;
The stress, the morning sickness, the mood swings.
The loss and gain of appetite in alternate like-fashions.
The pains and screams from the labour ward.
They were unbearable – I know.

Yet you bore them all.
And growing up, the nuisance I became;
The cries at very odd hours.
The nasty surprises I left you in my diapers.
The troubles I caused, even out of genuine desire to help.
All those moments your complains and advice,
Fell on deaf ears – the hurt, I know.

You put up with all of these with tender love.
As I grew up, you looked upon me with care.
As I grew up, you looked upon me,
As a mother looks upon her child.
I do not deserve you but God gave me you.
And I am grateful and will forever be.

Today is a fairy tale.
For, I have been given the privilege,
To express my love – the deep love I have for you, mom;
I love you!
And I am glad I have this opportunity,
To say to the best mother the world has ever known,
“Happy Mother’s Day To You!”


author: Emmanuel Graham (Rabat, Morocco)

A strong hand that lifts and carry yet soft enough to embrace and nurture. 
You see the king in me before I even began to see the boy in me. 
Your vision of the kings you carry seem to always be in line with what God has in store. 
Your knees know not the definition of space when it comes to the hard ground of prayer.
Your hands know not the definition of reluctance when it comes to the soft sweet moments of love and the hard tough moments of the same.
Your hearts know not the definition of stop when it comes to loving the kings. 
Your feet know not the definition of stand still when it’s time to march around your kings. 
Your lips know not the definition of barrenness,for the words of your lips spoke fruitfulness as you sowed the seeds of prosperity into our lives.
You have and are still covering us, as we sleep at night and as we rise at day. 
You are a warrior with extraordinary strength and grace,
You are a lighthouse and a fortress,
You are who God created to show us that He has us in His hands and His heart.
You are a treasure beyond earthly value. 
On this day we celebrate you, HONOR you, APPRECIATE you and reaffirm our LOVE for you, the woman who carries us. 

 author: Mawunyo Joana Dzegblor (Accra, Ghana)

Dumped by the roadside
At birth
Tender and frail as I was
I journeyed through life
Regardless of the hardships.
After what seemed like forever
I was there
At the prime of my almost wasted life
Where everyone loved to be.
Then out of the blue
Came a ‘mad’ woman
Who claimed we had a thing
Which went far back to the roadside.
She had it all sorted out
And she could not lie
I had to accept her
It was hard.
But when I met others
Who did not have the ‘opportunity’ I had
At birth
I realised that half a loaf is indeed better than none
And a sense of belonging to that one woman
After been left alone in the wilderness
In the early days of life
Was more than better
Than not belonging at all.
Take it or leave it;
Mothers are one-in-millions!

author: Rapheal Adekomi (Tamale, Ghana)
I know a woman, 
Whom right from childhood desired to have her own child
Dreaming, planning and preparing for that glorious time
Even seeking knowledge on how to be a good child bearer
Unrelentingly pursuing this goal

I know a woman
Who inspite of all her challenges never let go
Put even her life on hold just to be there for me
Abondoned friend and foe alike
All in a bid to give me unrivaled attention

I know a woman
She bears a distinct smile when I do right
A specific frown of warning
And a good beating of correction
All as a demonstration of love

I know a woman
Whose face brightens up just at a thought of me
Whom my voice gladdens
My presence excites
And my absence saddens

I know a woman
I’ll love her all my days
I’ll honour her even after she is gone
Eternally will I cherish our time together
Continually to make her proud will I aspire

This woman I know

Some call her friend, colleague, peer
Others refer to her as daughter, sister, wife
To me she is and always will be Mother!

 author: Dake Godwin Kwame (Accra, Ghana)

I can separate black from brown.
I can show you a mother when I sleep.
She is a phenomenal from sole to crown.
She is a treasure you will long to keep.
She hangs her pride around her breasts.
She hails her strength than a fellow man.
And her love withstands all tests.
And she is not an ordinary woman.
A mother will be weary,
When her lilies are gone blue.
But she will coax them to wipe the dreary
And she will make them smile with her words of woo
O! I can separate black from brown.
I can even show you a mother when I sleep.
A mother is a phenomenal from sole to crown.
A mother is a treasure you will long to keep.

author: George Fahd Awinbilla (Accra, Ghana)
A journey of a thousand miles
Begins with one step
But mine began with a smile
That contains so much depth
The world said to me
Hush, hush little one
Don’t make so much noise
Above that noise, rose a voice
Saying cry not beautiful one
Be as great as you can ever be
In her swinging arms
I felt so calm
Never to be perturbed by life’s storms
For I knew in my heart so deep
Her lullabies will let them all be gone
So today is a special day
Today I remember your smile
Today I recall your voice
And I feel the arms of comfort again
And I celebrate you dear mother
For giving me a gift
On my journey of  a thousand miles

author: Dennis Selorm Kofie (Accra, Ghana)

If being a mother is gain
Then who is worthy of pain
Nine months of depressing carriage
Even in agony and dismay, 
You were not discouraged

The walls of your womb contracted in delivery
You did not consider choking me within your thighs just to end your misery
I sucked all the energy from your veins
I sucked oxygen from your lungs 
My umbilical chord, a treacherous pipe I used against you
I bottom-fed on you, yet you shared everything without a choice
Even when I became of age, you fed me from your sweat
Like a bee protects it’s honey comb, you became a shield
You starved so I could eat
You risked your life so I could live

I do not need a special  day to acknowledge your plight
Each day you kept me safe as a knight
You are my mother, a bright shinning light
My life support, may God keep you from every terror of the night
Happy Mother’s Day, indeed you are a mother amongst mothers.

author: Dake Godwin Kwame (Accra, Ghana)
Once,when i was alone,I felt the cold in my bone
I saw a star had flung through, I saw a star that I knew
Oh yes! It was an angel, but it was not Michael-angel.
This angel stood for a woman, this angel was not a man.
She’d been my guardian from childhood, in my bad times and in my  good
She was the the one that wiped my tears, and held my hands to face my fears
She’d been the one to love me, and curse my pain into glee
Mother, mother, your praise is being blown. Mother, mother, you’re the angel I’ve known.
 author: Mawunyo Joana Dzegblor (Accra, Ghana)

The inherent ability
In just a sex
That makes them unique
Cannot be  undermined.
If you can get me the opposite sex
Like Robert Mugabe will say
And make that sex exhibit such ‘prowess’
Then I will be convinced
That this inherent ability is common to all.
But high and low I have looked
And no one beats this creative design
To produce the sex
Born without this uniqueness
That exhibits such a wonder.
Even without the acts
Expressed by this sex
They are indeed priceless
Because without them
The word ‘human’
Would have been an illusion
Not even to talk of it ‘being’.

author: George Fahd Awinbilla (Accra, Ghana)
Many songs there are to sing
Many words there are to hear
But your words are strengthening
And your songs so inspiring
You are a mother indeed
My stains you did not mind
For the only thing you saw
Were the prints of childhood
So you did not mind at all
You are a mother indeed
Hard work at your fingertips
Beads of sweat creasing down your face
But complain you never did
Not even when the sweat mixed with tears
You are a mother indeed
There are many wonders in the world
What could be more wonderful
Than a love that never fades
Surely that is the greatest wonder of all
You are a mother indeed
I see now how I stood at the gates
Of the forest of chairs and tables
As I turn to wave goodbye
I meet your smile so full of sunlight
You are a mother indeed
author: Emmanuel Grant-Brew (Tema, Ghana)

I do not care about scientific whatnots.
Infact, I am in no mood for mumbo jumbo.
You may not have carried me in your womb.
I may not have your blood in my veins.
But you are a mother, my mother.
When I fell and cried, you soothed my pain.
When I was sad, you tickled me to giggling.
When I was sleepy, you sang me lullabies.
Yes! You are a mother, my mother.
It is your food that nourished me.
Your virtues that disciplined me.
Your loving arms that comforted me.
Indeed! You are a mother, my mother.

On this special day on the world’s calendar.

I wish to do one thing; I wish to let you know,
I am proud to be so possessive of you.
You are a mother, my mother.
Happy Mother’s Day To You!
author: Rapheal Adekomi (Tamale, Ghana)
In every generation women have shared one dream,
A dream that has long been their desire
From childhood to adulthood they’ve longed for this
To hold in their hands their own babies.

With fierce passion, drive and zeal you’ve nurtured me
Protecting, guarding and guiding me
To ensure I do not come to harm
Even from myself
Love is showed most in deeds not words only
This is what you have showed me all my life
The corrections by way of beatings you gave me
Is by far your greatest show of it.

I may not always agree with your ways
But I have come to appreciate them
For it is to my own good
That you do all you do

I searched for what befits you
Pearls, jewels and expensive articles I found do not do justice
Then I found it out
That to honour you is my greatest return to you. 

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