Today I have decided to share fifty (50) sound lessons on faith from a teaching series I did at church dubbed FAITH REVOLUTION. Each and every one of these will be a great addition to your faith. You will grow from faith to faith. You will touch the very palms of God after careful meditation on these powerful statements.
  1.  Great faith has it sole belief that the word of Christ is the only truth.
  2. The move of faith is purely supernatural, hence mixing it with the natural makes your trust error-ridden.
  3.  Triumphant faith appeal to the unconditional kindness of Christ.
  4. Compassion belongs to faith, that is; every faith-filled believer is a compassionate being.
  5. In the midst of the greatest peril and tribulation, faith counts on the command of God.
  6. Faith doesn’t force the God to do our bidding, but rather seeks to know and perform the Lord’s command concerning our bidding.
  7. Exercising faith doesn’t require any extra ordinary feeling at all.
  8. The physical senses war against a person’s faith over his miracles. To win this battle, the faith-filled person must wield the weapon of confidence.
  9. Faith fixes an unshifted focus on the Saviour while ignoring present voices of prejudice.
  10. Every faith is founded on the ability of our supreme God.
  11. The one thing which bonds us to the revelation of God is the faith message.
  12. If you aren’t ready to apply your faith, your faith would likewise not be ready to respond to God.
  13. This is faith: to keep building castles in the air till you see them manifest on the ground.
  14. The future you perceive will become a realty should you exercise every ounce of faith in each and every life event, even in routine things.
  15. There is no ambiguity in the language of faith.
  16. Faith well placed in God is content in all things, and teaches contentment more than any gospel known to man.
  17. Faith is confident in the presence of God.
  18. The only thing faith depends on is the mercy of God. God is never held at gunpoint by the greatest faith. He responds to our faith on the merit of His mercy.
  19. Faith creates possibilities from an impossibility.
  20. Faith glorifies God for His promises before, during and after their fulfillment. This leads the faith-filled believer into a daily constant fellowship with and in God.
  21. Faith counts on readiness.
  22. Our faith should get to a level where we are calm in the presence of trials.
  23. Great faith allows God to work for us.
  24. To have faith is to pursue God consistently without second thoughts.
  25. Faith has a voice. Its voice believes that, “It will work to the glory of God.” And for that matter we must not quit. We only have to heed the voice of faith buried within our hearts.
  26. Without faith hopelessness is the inevitable state of man.
  27. The Christian who wants to see results takes inspiration from his or her own faith.
  28. Faith has expectation in the provision of God.
  29. Your eyes are potent enough to reduce the impact of your faith in your own life.
  30. The walk of faith teaches us to deliberately improve our own lives.
  31. Self-communication, that is, talking to yourself is an important portion of the journey of faith.
  32. Any faith which doesn’t say “God will…” cannot please God.
  33. Lack of faith is not the absence of faith, for there is no such thing as zero faith…Lack of faith is the refusal to believe due to certain circumstances…
  34. A person with great faith will always desire to decrease, so that God will increase.
  35. Triumphant faith can’t be discouraged by humiliation.
  36. Faith puts in an effort to yield successful results after the faith-filled person has inspired himself with self-communication and self-motivation.
  37. Faith is the only thing which will work when everything in you give up.
  38. As far as the presence of God fills the entire universe, we should be confident through faith-believing that God is closer to us than we can ever imagine.
  39. Faith looks up to Jesus alone.
  40. Your imagination determines your destination after your resignation to contrary fascinations.
  41. Faith and prayer are not the same. However, prayer is a form of expressing faith.
  42. Faith acknowledges challenges and directs them to the Answerer of prayer.
  43. Your faith-filled wishes and requests will only come to pass if it agrees with the will of God.
  44. The walk of faith is full of steps of compassion.
  45. Actually every movement the devil make in the natural realm is influenced by spiritual footprints…To counter attack and have victory over this crafty foe of ours it is imperative we understand and operate in the spiritual.
  46. Our failure to endure is what succeeds our failure.
  47.  Faith releases into us the tenacity to hold on to hope, that is; our faith gives us the courage to patiently keep hoping.
  48. Faith has a supreme revelation of God. It magnifies what we know about God.
  49.  Be comfortable with being uncomfortable till you see your vision actualize, then you can be comfortable with being comfortable.
  50.  Faith thinks godly about God.

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Published by Samuel Entsua-Mensah

Rev Samuel E. Entsua-Mensah is a young pastor who has deep passion for the truth to save dying souls from the tentacles of sin and deception. He holds a Bachelor's in Theology and Biblical Studies. He's happily married to Philomina Entsua-Mensah affectionately called Maame Baahwa and they current live in the Netherlands.

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