False Brethren (Part 2)

We have all heard rants about false prophets, false apostles and false teachers but scarcely do we talk about false brethren. Wherefore I’ve taken the time to graciously introduce the subject – False Brethren. In this second part I’ll utilize the effort to deepen the lesson. Let me state lucidly that false brethren are greedy,Continue reading “False Brethren (Part 2)”


Many years ago, in my primary school days I had an unusual enthusiasm for all manner of sport. I wanted to do a bit of everything and be the best at them all. One day our class played a soccer match against another class of which I contributed an own goal. We had a drawContinue reading “REINSTATEMENT – THE GLORIOUS COME BACK”


Sometimes I wonder if the possibility of evil will be not probable at all. But it appears that there is an established fact that this very age would not cease to witness the possibility of the occurrence of any form of evil probable. There is a probability of evil happening but is there a wayContinue reading “THE FINAL MANTLE”