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A Bible verse I think you shouldn’t use again!

I’ve openly expressed my displeasure to one of many scripture quoted here and there by Bible believing Christians. Before I point to you this text in the Holy Bible may I mention this quickly that there is a high level of indiscretion in the usage of this single verse. That, “…the foolishness of God isContinue reading “A Bible verse I think you shouldn’t use again!”


As much Sunday school helped us in our childhood days, it has as well made us believe in misconceptions. Some of these childhood misconceptions are being preached on our pulpits daily. I want to use this opportunity to help bring the truth to light. The Bible never said the wise men who went to worshipContinue reading “MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT THE BIBLE”


A mirror is a shiny metal or glass that reflects an image when light is directed onto it without diffusing it. Hence the mirror presents a carbon copy of the object placed before it. There is a mirror of life that reveals who we are and betrays us when we portray ourselves differently. This mirrorContinue reading “THE MIRROR OF LIFE”


Christianity has encountered so much oppression right from the Jesus’ baptism to His ascension and will continue to agonize much more until His second coming. In the past centuries, even in the recent past decades, the persecution has always come from those outside the courts of the All Mighty but it’s becoming obvious that muchContinue reading “THE MENACE OF RELIGIOUS INSANITY”