From generation to generation, God uses men to bless the whole of humanity and we have been blessed by scores of them. In the midst of all these great people, D.L. Moody is a name worth mentioning, not just for a life well lived but mainly for the rich examples of true Christianity in theContinue reading “BIOGRAPHY OF D.L. MOODY”


When we go through History, what attracts us mostly, is the rise and fall of Empires, the making and re-making of Revolution. But all that happened aeons before this generation emerged, and if there is one thing I know of this generation, it is identifying with the current trends. Rick Joyner is a man thatContinue reading “BIOGRAPHY OF RICK JOYNER”


Let me borrow the words of W.Y. Fullerton concerning Charles Spurgeon; “the contemporary sketches of the life of Spurgeon are an interesting conglomerate of significant facts, but they scarcely give an adequate picture of the man as he lived and laboured with such prodigious energy.” What I intend to do here is give you aContinue reading “BIOGRAPHY OF CHARLES SPURGEON”


Helen Keller is a name that brings hope and inspirations to many people especially to the Americans who celebrate her life every year and to them that the society considers “impaired”. This is a little something about her life. She was born Helen Adams Keller on 27thJune, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA to Arthur H.Continue reading “BIOGRAPHY OF HELEN KELLER”