One Commandment Christians Easily Disobey

I had the opportunity to speak with a group Junior High pupils about an incident I preached about in our church. This was the issue of sanitation and how our actions are unfortunately putting innocent lives in danger. We are all killing many people. And Christians are helping in the effort. We’ve heard of theContinue reading “One Commandment Christians Easily Disobey”

A Bible verse I think you shouldn’t use again!

I’ve openly expressed my displeasure to one of many scripture quoted here and there by Bible believing Christians. Before I point to you this text in the Holy Bible may I mention this quickly that there is a high level of indiscretion in the usage of this single verse. That, “…the foolishness of God isContinue reading “A Bible verse I think you shouldn’t use again!”


     Judas Iscariot has gained a lot of popularity in the world because of his treachery and ignominious death. Yes, he was a follower of Jesus, who betrayed his Master and later committed suicide, but is that all? Here are some facts about this fellow you should know;  He was an apostle (Mk. 3:13-19) andContinue reading “8 FACTS ABOUT JUDAS ISCARIOT”