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Meekness_Power Under Control

The horse and camel share certain qualities of interest to our present issue. Meekness, as I’ve explain time and again is keeping power and influence under control.Meekness is humility mixed with respect. – Although the camel is taller than the horse it always bows for people to climb unto it. Meekness esteems others highly whileContinue reading “Meekness_Power Under Control”


Dr. Osborn, a man of power, zeal and the gospel has taken Christ to many places. Like the Apostles he sold himself for the sake of Christ, that the unreached will be reached. Here are twenty of Dr. Osborn’s immortal words that this generation of believers should know. There are wild mountains scarred by deepContinue reading “20 DR. T. L. OSBORN QUOTATIONS FOR YOUR EDIFICATION”