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Meekness_Power Under Control

The horse and camel share certain qualities of interest to our present issue. Meekness, as I’ve explain time and again is keeping power and influence under control.Meekness is humility mixed with respect. – Although the camel is taller than the horse it always bows for people to climb unto it. Meekness esteems others highly whileContinue reading “Meekness_Power Under Control”

One Commandment Christians Easily Disobey

I had the opportunity to speak with a group Junior High pupils about an incident I preached about in our church. This was the issue of sanitation and how our actions are unfortunately putting innocent lives in danger. We are all killing many people. And Christians are helping in the effort. We’ve heard of theContinue reading “One Commandment Christians Easily Disobey”


Prayer is one of the Christian acts that Jesus taught His disciples. Many preachers and teachers have spoken vastly about the topic of prayer because of its importance in the life of a Christian. Prayerlessness is what makes a Christian totally dry and void of the presence of God. Dryness makes us vulnerable to aContinue reading “WHAT IT MEANS TO PRAY IN JESUS’S NAME”