The Story Entrepreneurs Need To Hear

Every episode of life begins with a story, whether good, bad or ugly. But certain stories can be rewritten and retold in a way that’ll make sense. Let’s begin with a story then. One old poor man living in a dilapidated madhouse decided to be wealthy. His thoughts and wishes defied the laws of commonContinue reading “The Story Entrepreneurs Need To Hear”

False Humility – Introduction

Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory… ~Bruce Lee These words of one of my favourite childhood icons, Bruce Lee made me very sentimental about the lifestyle of most Christians and some Christian leaders. People have this deep-seated inclination to appear humble in the eyes of others. People try very hard in order toContinue reading “False Humility – Introduction”

Wisdom From The Ant

I’ve got a lot to offer this week, as you can see. Productivity and longevity is the backbone of every society, for which reason I’ll like us to put the life of the tiny ant in perspective here. This lesson targets every sphere of life; be it the school children, young adults and adults. WisdomContinue reading “Wisdom From The Ant”

One Commandment Christians Easily Disobey

I had the opportunity to speak with a group Junior High pupils about an incident I preached about in our church. This was the issue of sanitation and how our actions are unfortunately putting innocent lives in danger. We are all killing many people. And Christians are helping in the effort. We’ve heard of theContinue reading “One Commandment Christians Easily Disobey”


One of the greatest inspirations to Christianity in Africa was the Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory. He was a man who laughed in the face of Satan and knew how to exercise his faith. Concerning his book ‘Faith For All Life’s Storms’ he says, “Everybody faces a storm in life, but all through thisContinue reading “BENSON IDAHOSA QUOTES FROM FAITH FOR ALL LIFE’S STORMS”