We do not incline our ears to His Word because we know Him. We do not accept the truth because we can hear Him too. We see visions and dream dreams so we are closer to Him. We have stayed in His house for some years so He is our friend. We can engage andContinue reading “SURRENDER DAILY”


It is the dawn of a new day, the birthing of a new era And a generation has arisen, a very unbelieving one A new breed of mediocre minds For in their quest to think big, they neglect the very Being Who created them and everything that encompasses them; The beauty of tree and flowers,Continue reading “THE GENERATION OF SELF”


The prophet declared“For to us a child is bornTo us a son is given”That through Him man may be restored. An angel spoke saying“You will be with child and giveBirth to a son and you areTo call Him Jesus”. One, born out of shameA background with false fameAncestry of great sinDisqualified by the law. AContinue reading “DESPISE THE SHAME”


   What a solemn evening it was An evening filled with so much worship I preached the Word of God with power I sat in my usual front seat afterwards I sudden began to freeze in my chair My body refused to move for a while Though conscious was I of my surroundings Suddenly IContinue reading “THE AGE OF EVIL”