Religious Racism

The world has profusely bled and dwindled into backwardness all in order to sit on the roundtable of superiority. High affinity for being the most unique is a game to the detriment of the entire human race. Racism, is the bold thief and robber which has entered into our midst to divide our peace. AccordingContinue reading “Religious Racism”


These quotes of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias is meant to provoke your understanding, to think like him and see thinks the way he see them. Applying your heart to these truths by Ravi is very worthwhile. When you come to religion, you come to a place. When you come to Jesus Christ, you come toContinue reading “31 RAVI ZACHARIAS QUOTES”


 THE MENACE OF THE RELIGIOUS MOVIE BY A. W. TOZER When God gave to Moses the blueprint of the Tabernacle He was careful to include every detail; then, lest Moses should get the notion that he could improve on the original plan, God warned him solemnly, “And look that thou make them after their pattern,Continue reading “THE MENACE OF THE RELIGIOUS MOVIE”


Christianity has encountered so much oppression right from the Jesus’ baptism to His ascension and will continue to agonize much more until His second coming. In the past centuries, even in the recent past decades, the persecution has always come from those outside the courts of the All Mighty but it’s becoming obvious that muchContinue reading “THE MENACE OF RELIGIOUS INSANITY”