When Jesus and Sin knock at your door simultaneously

Growing up in a compound house, we picked many vices and name-tagged them fun. There were times we’d knock on someone’s door, listen for a response and ran away. We did this till one angry woman came out after we had escaped insulting a visitor knocking at that very moment. The innocent visitor took ourContinue reading “When Jesus and Sin knock at your door simultaneously”


The downfall of many men and nations has been the consequences of selfishness. In doing away with self-sins we should keenly battle out selfishness. King David, one of the greatest men to have ever lived followed his pleasure blindly which led him into a very catastrophic state. King David unlawfully took the wife of anotherContinue reading “DEALING WITH SELFISHNESS”

REST – Part 1

“Gad, a troop shall tramp upon him, but he shall triumph at last.” (Genesis 49:19) When the first man (Adam) disobeyed God, humanity became slaves to sin (the works of the devil). Sin became a troop which overcame man. Sin has bound us through the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh andContinue reading “REST – Part 1”


Obliterating the curses upon humanity was an important facet of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Jesus came unto the earth realm to save mankind from condemnation. Man had been condemned by earning curses from the Almighty God. These curses are the embargo God placed upon the entire human race because of sin. (Sin isContinue reading “THE SOUR WINE AND THE CURSE OF MANKIND”


I want to share with you something I learned years ago from Kevin J. Conner’s book, The Foundation of Christian Doctrine. It is about the teaching of some cults on sin. I want to share this with you so that you can be watchful in your pilgrimage to the Celestial City (Heaven). Cults, for theContinue reading “6 CULT THEORIES CONCERNING SIN”