Religious Racism

The world has profusely bled and dwindled into backwardness all in order to sit on the roundtable of superiority. High affinity for being the most unique is a game to the detriment of the entire human race. Racism, is the bold thief and robber which has entered into our midst to divide our peace. AccordingContinue reading “Religious Racism”


I developed an interest in apologetics after my readings of Josh McDowell’s materials. Actually, my favourite of all his writings is “More Than A Carpenter”. His teachings are down to earth and very sound. I always get challenged after reading his materials to seek to know the truth the way he knows and teaches it.Continue reading “30 JOSH MCDOWELL QUOTES”


Christ is the head of the Church and He thus has the authority to judge His own Church. How dare I say that the Church has a problem? I mean not to rule the Church with Christ, but just as the church in Pergamos held unto the doctrine of Balaam and the doctrine of theContinue reading “12 PROBLEMS WITH THE CHURCH IN AFRICA”