When Jesus and Sin knock at your door simultaneously

Growing up in a compound house, we picked many vices and name-tagged them fun. There were times we’d knock on someone’s door, listen for a response and ran away. We did this till one angry woman came out after we had escaped insulting a visitor knocking at that very moment. The innocent visitor took ourContinue reading “When Jesus and Sin knock at your door simultaneously”


THE FALL OF CAIN Part 2: TILLER OF THE GROUND Lesson 1 – CARNALLY MINDEDNESS In this part of the series, we will get to know some of the works which caused Cain to fall. God actually did not want Cain to fall from His glory but due to certain actions he (Cain) managed to backslideContinue reading “CARNALLY MINDEDNESS”


THE FALL OF CAIN Part 1: A MAN FROM GOD? Fall means to move lower or to drop from a certain height. And I would like to share with you on a series I taught in Church dubbed the Fall of Cain. In my earnest opinion Cain should not have fallen from God’s grace justContinue reading “A MAN FROM GOD?”


The prophet Jonah is noted for running from the call of God and finally caught up in the belly of a great fish. The Bible teaches that God prepared this fish to swallow Jonah. This is an act of love. God insisted on Jonah walking in the perfect will of God. He (God) then hadContinue reading “THE FORCE OF PRAYER AND DRYNESS”