I developed an interest in apologetics after my readings of Josh McDowell’s materials. Actually, my favourite of all his writings is “More Than A Carpenter”. His teachings are down to earth and very sound. I always get challenged after reading his materials to seek to know the truth the way he knows and teaches it.Continue reading “30 JOSH MCDOWELL QUOTES”


“I will not take this any longer. I can’t bear with all this again and again. I do a lot of good to people even if it will cost but no one seems to care about me. All my good just goes down the drain. I have resolved not to do any good deed again.Continue reading “BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE”


FAITH REVOLUTION SERIES PART 3 – HINDRANCES TO QUALITY FAITH Any application of our faith as Christians encounters head-on collision from much opposition. There are many hindrances to our growth in faith. Some of which are: 1.     Present circumstances. “And the word of the Lord came unto him, saying, arise, get thee to Zarephath, whichContinue reading “HINDRANCES TO QUALITY FAITH”


In the 1900’s the British queen Victoria resided in Ghana. She conducted the slave trade and ruled in the name of the United Kingdom. One day she ordered the capture of King Prempeh who was the last of the Ashanti Kings and this stirred up Queen mother Yaa Asantewaa to mobilize her people to goContinue reading “TRIUMPH AFTER ENDURANCE”


Trials, the most dreaded word in the Christian walk. Yet it so important that I haven’t come across words to emphasize its necessity. The Bible says that the testing of our faith produces patience. Thus we are tried so that we can become patient children of God. So I ask, why patience? The same BibleContinue reading “GOING THROUGH TRIALS?”