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The Secret Of Success

Today I’m extra enthusiastic about success and becoming successful in all cycles of life. So let’s kick off with a quote; The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows. ~Aristotle Socrates Onassis Aristo Onassis, a successful, rich and famous Greek shipping magnate who owned the world’s largest shipping fleet believed in theContinue reading “The Secret Of Success”

When Jesus and Sin knock at your door simultaneously

Growing up in a compound house, we picked many vices and name-tagged them fun. There were times we’d knock on someone’s door, listen for a response and ran away. We did this till one angry woman came out after we had escaped insulting a visitor knocking at that very moment. The innocent visitor took ourContinue reading “When Jesus and Sin knock at your door simultaneously”


The devil is on an all-day and all-night lookout, searching for a means to cause us to fall short in our pursuit of Christ. He has plans and we must be aware of these plans lest we be lacking in one area or another in our lives. Here are some things to be watchful for.