I had no need for worry
For the night was soft and sound
All creatures said goodnight
And fell into a sleep of peace
I did same with all
I too slept in the solemnity of peace
With the expectation of a great morning to do my trade
Indeed my sleep was blissful

But suddenly as though I was asleep
I yet was in myself all again
I could feel and know whatever that surrounded me
Yes! Everything in my room came alive
As though I never slept
Strangely my sleep was gone
But I could not awake
I was still, with my eyes closed
It was as though I was under a spell
Suddenly my mind was shut
And my eyes were opened wide
Yet I was still not awake
From nowhere came certain creatures
Creatures just like me
Men who looked like men
Their reign was awesomely terrible

As unto a nation, the universe was her subject
These men ruled everything without rules
Their law was lawlessness
Indeed their entire was a mystery unveiled
Really – a mystery of iniquity
Very terrified at their appearance
Every creature sort for hiding
But the nation had become one so small
These men were ruthless
They only fed on flesh of Homo sapiens
Mostly ate uncooked flesh
As for a woman, I could remember
Her child was half eaten
Yet the child did not die
There was nothing like death
Though the torture was awful
They molested anyone they met
They cared for no one
And no one cared for anyone
Oh! Such a nation that was
I had only one option for me
To run and run, and keep running
But the more I run the better I got nowhere
Everything was totally void

The universe was in hands of these creatures
Our universe had become so small
As small as a nation
Even a village, with all living and nonliving
In all my life I have not seen such evil
I have lived for over two millenniums
But my eyes have never beheld such iniquity
Even nature turned her back on all
She gave not, neither water nor food
Her rivers were dried
She had been transfigured into a wasteland
All her fruitful places had become desolate
Nothing good was available anymore
Starvation filled our bellies
Yet these other creatures beset us roundabout
They fed on us and enslaved us

What a grievous mischief this was?
Everything was against everyone
I saw it with my own eyes
Even some of our people started feeding on others
How terrible hunger and thirst are?
A lady, humble in all appearance grieved me
She squeezed the blood out of a lad
She used blood to quench her thirst

I feared for my wretched life
I knew if I was not eaten, my blood would be sucked
So I was in great dread of all
There was no good left anymore
A young lad of fourteen fed on someone
Yes. He fed on his only mother
The woman who had unaided cared for him
He had no mercy
I searched and lo there was no mercy left
As for animals I saw none
They were nowhere to be found
Everything everywhere was out of control
Nothing could be tamed any longer
The lifeless became alive
They all craved their independence
Even the stones, I could hear, yelling

Nothing was dead or inanimate
There was so much agony of the soul
None could bear it
I neither saw night or day
It was all iniquity
There was neither sleep nor slumber
In the skies stood the sun, moon and stars altogether
The skies above inspired threat and fear 

The sun was as though painted with blood
The moon as unto an eclipse
The stars were also blazing with fire
The clouds were darkened
Lightening and thunders were the routine
 A heavy rage of war did I hear from above
As though war was descending upon our universe
I was very scared to even look up
Then I saw one of the creatures’ faces
He was handsome and beautiful
He was ugly and hideous
He was innocent and reserved
He was guilty and furious
Words are insufficient to describe him
The look on his face was fearsome
At one time it was a male and another a female

How I resented his appearance
He came towards my direction
With his bare hands ready to mangle me
Suddenly my phone rung
I opened my eyes and lo I awoke
I looked the time and it was 1.37 am
This I saw was an event which lasted long
Like a decade without any nights
To be continued…

Please click here to read the continuation of this prophetic vision, THE AGE OF EVIL

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By S. E. Entsua-Mensah. ©2014 Christ for Humanity Outreach 
You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material in its entirety or in unaltered excerpts, as long as you do not charge a fee. For internet posting, please use only unaltered excerpts (not the content in its entirety) and provide a hyperlink to this page. Any exceptions to the above should be approved by Christ for Humanity Outreach.

Published by Samuel Entsua-Mensah

Rev Samuel E. Entsua-Mensah is a young pastor who has deep passion for the truth to save dying souls from the tentacles of sin and deception. He holds a Diploma in Theology and Biblical Studies. He's happily married to Philomina Entsua-Mensah affectionately called Maame Baahwa and they current live in the Netherlands.


  1. Wow, this poem is really deep and frightening, sending chills all over my body. God, warning a generation of wickedness to come unto repentance to escape this mystery of iniquity. The days are not good.


  2. wow, I could not help but wonder. When I first read this, I was shocked out of my wits and held spell bound. This writing is a masterpiece and we bless God for that. Now to the world and all that are in it, beware for the days are evil! Attach thyself to God and you will taste of Him and know that He is indeed good!


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